Exceptional value through 6 Dimensional approach


Our expert engineers with decades of R&D experience across geographies and projects ensure that we can provide insight into your specific problems.  Insight translates to innovation to address them. More specifically the corner cases and those 10% of cases which need specific attention to meet the product specification gets addressed fast.



Our code module C libraries (device independent) ensure that we can put together a skeleton code quickly.  We reduce the design cycle time significantly as the initial setup and initial steps of code execution are quickly completed.  Our libraries include specific code structures to address different sets of problems.  E.g. servo control library uses code for position control and current control which are premade. The parameters are set based on the specific problem.

The actual R &D to solve the last bugs /meeting corner cases and performance can then happen.



Accuracy of our mathematical analysis is very important for us. We ensure that the delivered services are accurate and best possible to meet your requirements. If the analysis reveals that target performance is beyond the physical limits they are promptly brought up and corrective measures taken.


Competitive prices

We keep our overheads very low and focus on quick project turnaround.  This allows us to offer exceptionally competitive prices.


Customized solutions

We know every project is different and needs to be addressed accordingly. A one size fits all approach is unsuitable.  We work with you to meet your requirements on a customized basis.  This ensures that the project specific challenges are met.


Technical Support

Support is essential when technology or project transfer happens.  Some unexpected problems and corner cases almost always come up while testing.  Hence support after transfer is essential. We provide excellent support to ensure that that the intricacies of the project are properly understood by your team during transfer and specific cases that turn up later are addressed.  We provide upto 3 months of free support.  Further support on a chargeable support can also be provided.