We provide world class research and development services for embedded firmware in following areas

  1. Motor drives
  2. Power electronics
  3. Energy and Battery management systems
  4. Digital and Analog Signal processing
  5. Control systems

A typical product design development cycle involves multiple areas which require expertise to meet the desired performance. These include performing mathematical analysis, simulation, visualization, evaluation of desired performance etc.  New algorithms specific to a particular problem may also need to be developed.  A new algorithm, methodology or technology has to be implemented then it has to be evaluated for merits and demerits. Later hardware review has to be performed for suitability for a certain desired performance. SW development for  embedded DSP/microcontroller implementation, testing and debugging can then occur.

Our services include

  1.  Technology/algorithm evaluation
  2.  Project specific algorithm development
  3.  Design services
  4.  Hardware review specific to the algorithm implementation
  5.  Simulation, Mathematical analysis and visualization to predict performance and  any pitfalls
  6.  Software / Firmware development and DSP/DSC/microcontroller  implementation
  7.  Testing and debugging as there are always corner cases which need specific  solutions
  8.  Support services after project is completed for modifications /changes
  9.  Documentation


Mode of operation

Usually we work with our partners who provide the setup , equipment and manpower. We provide the know how and guide them through the process of design and development.  Technically involved aspects such as simulation and key portions of software implementation and corner cases we follow a hands on approach.

We also undertake projects on a turnkey basis where the project or part thereof is done on a end to end basis.

We work on both project basis or time and material basis depending on project requirement.  Intellectual property related clauses are on a mutually agreed case to case basis.