Representative projects

  1. High accuracy 1uV , very high NMRR  (> 60 dB) multichannel Data acquisition card with digital filtering
  2. PMSM motor vector control servo position drive for machine tools with a high inertia load , gears and challenging specs for rise time and fall time
  3. Multi Chemistry, Multi voltage smart battery charger with various modes of charging ,cell balancing, priority charging logic.
  4. High bandwidth camera control for UAV gimbal  using Inertial measurement  unit feedback and estimation
  5. Upto 20 KVA pure sinewave online UPS with instantaneous control with paralleling option. Required synchronization with grid,various fault protections , fast response, regulation, challenging THD specs and support for non linear and leading /lagging loads.
  6. Solar grid tied inverter algorithm design for MPPT , synchronization and feeding current into the grid

We have successfully completed various projects whose details in excel may be downloaded from below link.

The projects are organized based on domain and also lists some of the specific challenges faced

Project List


Research and technology development

A brief overview of some solutions/technology development in power point presentations. They represent technological improvement and represent our intellectual property including proprietary algorithms.

  1. Velocity Estimation from noisy Measurements-Sensor fusion using modified Kalman filter
  2. Mems gyro based gestures for handheld devices High frequency Sine wave inverter -Challenges in voltage feedback
  3. Global Positioning System ++_Improved GPS using sensor data fusion
  4. Digitally controlled power supply – a perspective on slope compensation
  5. Digital Power Factor Correction – Handling the corner cases
  6. Brushless DC motor drive system
  7. Filtering servo motor- Reducing velocity tracking error